Escape game

About us

About us

We offer you a unique opportunity to play the escape game in the bomb shelter in Prague. It is an alternative to online games when the team tries using logical tasks to escape from the rooms full of traps. It's not so much about physical ability, but rather about logical thinking, observation, teamwork and common sense. Although it sounds easy, hardly anybody gets out of the room.

Rules of the game

  • The teams of 2-6 players
  • To escape from the room in 60 minutes
  • Help is ready in case of problems with the tasks


Price: 1 200, -CZK*(can be paid on place only in cash)

*Individual discounts can not be combined

The game is possible only after advance booking, which is at least 24 hours in advance. For future booking call the telephone number +420 704 404 669.


How much time does the game take?

We ask all to come on time. As the game takes place in the bomb shelter, there is nowhere to wait. Then the game takes including the introduction a little over an hour.

For whom is the game suitable?

The game is suitable absolutely for all except for small children. We recommend the age of 15 and older. However, it depends on you whether you take even a younger member of the team.

What to take with?

To play, you need absolutely nothing except for your head. It is not about physical strain.

Do you offer the possibility of cooperation?

  Of course! We are open to all new ideas, advice and recommendations. There is no problem to arrange a meeting and agree about things to be beneficial for both parties.

For further questions please contact us by email or phone.

Gift Voucher


Do you want to give someone a really original gift? We are here just for you. We offer a gift voucher for a single entry for the entire group for 1200, - CZK. Fill out our contact form and after the payment the voucher will be sent to your email.



For companies


The escape game in our presentation is a new very efficient way to unite your working team and identify the ability of individual players. It is a very good teambuilding in a humorous way.

In our game it is mainly about communication, which is important across all branches. We understand that everyone has different ideas and expectations, and therefore we are able to transform the game to fit you.

Prices for the company are very individual. What is important is the number of participantsand demands which will be placed on us. However, you can of course expect significant discounts compared to a single entry.

Do not hesitate to contact us.



Phone: +420 704 404 669        

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